Monday, October 5, 2009

Simmering Stovetop Potpourri

One of the things I love about Fall is the yummy smell of potpourri permeating my home. What I don’t like is the price of those yummy smelling potpourri concoctions. So years ago I started making my own version, using ingredients already present in my pantry.

All you do is throw a few ingredients into a pan of water and simmer on the stove. Here’s how easy it is:

Fill a small saucepan with about 1 to 1½ cups of water. Then add the following ingredients:

1 cinnamon stick (or about a tsp. of ground cinnamon)

1 teaspoon vanilla

Heat on stove until it just begins to boil, then lower heat to a low simmer. Add water as needed.

For variation, sometimes I’ll throw in a few whole cloves or some ground allspice. If I’m in a fruity mood, I’ll even place a whole tangerine or lemon in, or cut an apple in half and put it in.

Really, it’s that simple. And before you know it your whole house smells like you’ve been hard at work, baking yummy treats.

The only problem is, now I'm craving a piece of apple pie. :)

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mlbuck said...

I also put in some oranges! I cut them open squeeze some juice out into the pot then put it in!