Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prayer And Support For Haiti

I awoke again this morning with Haiti heavy on my heart and in my prayers. I cannot even fathom the devastation that has hit that country. I, like most of you, am praying for them but at the same time wishing there was something tangible I could do to help. What I can do is give of my finances. While I know that no matter how much I give it will barely make a dent in the needs, I also know that if each one of us gives even a few dollars, it will add up and it WILL help. 

The president of MFI, Bob MacGregor and Pastor Henry Mears were in Haiti for a week long Pastors Conference and had just left the afternoon before the earthquake hit. Many of the pastors they had been meeting with are from those areas hit the hardest and they are in desperate need of our prayers and support during this time.

Pastors Marc and Lisa Honorat are great pastors that we are connected with in Haiti. Their organization, Haiti Arise has been key in response to the hurricanes that have ravaged Haiti in recent years. They are proven in addressing both the natural and spiritual needs of the people of Haiti. Haiti Arise has feet on the ground in Port au Prince. To make a disaster relief donation to this ministry go to:

Here is a list of Urgent Prayer Points from their website: 
  • For lines of communication to open up- That is most important, as we can’t find out what the status of things are until then.
  • The young people we have in our community who are working or going to school in PAP, for their safety.
  • For us to assess and find out how we can strategically help in the Disaster Relief and rebuilding process. This will be our focus now for a few months.
  • The families in our community, for their homes and safety.
  • The team that is there now from Nelson, BC and the next team going from Red Deer, Alberta that together we will be able to meet the people's immediate needs.

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