Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mason Jar Lanterns

With summer coming (it has to come sometime, right?) I start thinking about barbecues and backyard gatherings. And then I start thinking about all the fun things I can do to decorate and set the stage for those barbecues. And I like to do it with the least amount of money possible.

I love to look through catalogs and get inspiration ideas for decorating. A couple of weeks ago I was looking through a Pottery Barn catalog and found these really cool mason jar hanging lanterns for $7.00 each that I fell in love with. 

And then it hit me. I could make my own for a fraction of the price. Because I'm really cheap like that. :) So I went to Walmart and got a case of 12 one pint mason jars for $7.70 and then headed to Home Depot to get some 18 gauge aluminum wire for $3.48/50 feet. I spent that evening crafting away.

Here's how I made the lanterns. For each jar, I cut 2 pieces of wire, one 28 inches and one 24 inches. I twisted the wire and used a pair of needle nosed pliers to twist a two loops opposite each other and tuck the excess wire ends under to hide them. I then twisted the 24 inch piece of wire and made handle with hooks on each end to loop through the jar loops.

And here is my finished product....

My twist in the wire is definitely not as perfect as the inspiration jar, but since I'm not a perfectionist I'm really happy with the way they turned out. The best part is that it only cost me $11.18 for the supplies to make 12 jars, so I decided to get a box of these small mason jars to use as tealight holders. Just because.

If you would like more ideas on what you can to with jars, check out this Family Fun link


Brianna Brodak said...

You're too cute Auntie Suz. I LOVE decorating with mason jars! Greg teases me because every time we're at the store and I see them I contemplate buying them and he says 'what are you going to do with more mason jars?' But I find a thousand uses for them! Thanks for this new inspiration!

Adams Family said...

Love cute!! Makes me ready for summer barbeques!

Kelsey said...

Ok Susan I'm SO proud!! You are officially a rockstar copying pottery barn! Those mason jars have been all over all the blogs I read lately and I've been meaning to try them. I want to go to Goodwill though and get vintage mason jars because I always have to make things harder on myself then they need to be! lol. Super cute!!!

Susan said...

Thanks you guys!! Kelsey, what's funny is that my first thought was to go to Goodwill, but since I was doing this spontaneously I decided to just go get a case where I knew I would for sure find them. Pottery Barn has been my inspiration for years. I get a lot of my decorating ideas from them.