Friday, April 24, 2009

Fruitful Friday - Nourishment

Today I am fasting...

When I sat down to write today's post, I was impressed with the word "Nourishment". Though I am not "nourishing" my body with food today, God is wanting me to ponder what it means to nourish myself. So I looked up the definition for this word:

Nourishment -
  • That which sustains
  • Something fit to be eaten
  • To promote or sustain growth
  • The source of the materials necessary to support life
  • To supply with matter that promotes health and increase
As a woman, mother, wife, daughter, etc. there are many ways in which I can choose to nourish myself; body, soul and spirit. I am so blessed to live in a place where I actually have a choice of what I can eat. But today, I made the choice to abstain.

Rather than just eating something for the sake of eating, I want to stop for a moment and thank God for all of the types of nourishment I receive. Just like the different types of food nourish the body in different ways, God nourishes our spirits in different ways.
Carbohydrates...these are meant for fast energy to perform the average daily tasks.
Vitamins and Minerals...meant to supply body systems and organs with necessary components for operating properly.
Proteins...for slower released amounts of energy meant to sustain longer periods of work.

For me, God's Carbohydrates tend to be people. I am energized quickly by people. I love my family, my friends and even people I don't know. If people are involved, I can be motivated to do just about anything.

God's Vitamins and Minerals in my life is my daily devotions. And honestly, this looks very different from day to day. For me it is the regular input of God's truth in my life. Most of my daily thought life is centered on the little areas God is pointing out to me that need more of Him. It can be from a scripture I've read, a speaker I love who challenges me or even from the lessons I pick up on from daily life.

God's Protein...this is the meat and sustaining power of my life. I have to put in some effort to get this in my diet. Carbs are easy...they are everywhere!!! Even vitamins and minerals can be taken fairly easily with daily discipline. But Protein takes preparation, thought and time. For me, to get God's "protein power", I set aside time for a more intimate encounter with His Presence. I gather my ingredients of worship and word and take my time to sit with Him. Those are the times that are the "Slow Releasing" kind of nourishment!!

In the natural we cannot thrive on one type of nourishment alone. You can't have a diet consisting of only carbohydrates or only protein. Our relationship with God is much the same. We need all types of spiritual nourishment.

Today, I am choosing to fast. If I am careful to look at my life right now, I can see I am in need of some serious direction and vision from God. I am so thankful that I do not have to "live on bread alone, but rather on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord." (Deuteronomy 8:3) I want some of the "Meat of God's Word" today.

In what different ways does God nourish your spirit?

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Tagliareni Family said...

That is such a good analogy - I've never thought of it broken down like that... thanks. :)