Saturday, August 8, 2009

Girls Night Out - Julie and Julia

I saw Julie and Julia last night with a group of girlfriends. And in honor of this movie - I needed to write a "blog post".

For those of you who don't know anything about the premise of this movie - click here for the official website, and watch the trailer.

This movie really touched a very personal note for me. I appreciated how this movie actually glorified marriage, rather than tearing it down (as so many movies do). I was inspired by the realness of pursuing a dream and its ups and downs - and how a loving marriage can actually be the strength through it all.

Yes, there were some swear words, but in my opinion, most of them were at least used in appropriate places verses thrown in randomly. And I will say there was a couple kissing scene - but truthfully - I loved this, again because it showed healthy passion between two people who love each other in the sanctity of marriage.

Finally, the story line of the movie touches the heart of a woman in her desire to make an impact on the world. So many times we have the capacity at our fingertips, yet intimidation and fear keep us from stepping out. This story honors two women who took chances, defeated opposition and saw their dreams realized.

There's my thoughts...what's yours? Leave a comment.

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