Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is a time for...

In a society that seems to be centered around self, I am always confronted with the thought that "it is not all about me". During the Holidays is a really special time to be able to slow down a little bit and reach out to someone else. The Christmas season serves as a good reminder that we are really blessed, and that blessing comes from God for a particular reason. I really want to honor God with what He has put in my hands. I am actively pursuing opportunities this year that we, as a family, can work together to bless other families.

I really want to instill into the hearts of my children an awareness of people around them, the needs those people may have and that there REALLY is something we can do about it.. even if we are only 5 in number! I want to have a great time building memories with my kids... come to think of it, some of my BEST memories of my childhood were times that we went reached beyond our four walls of our home and did some sort of random act of kindness. So, as Christmastime rapidly approaches, I am asking God to give me some creative ideas of ways to impact my neighbors and friends and also the lives of the little ones that He has entrusted me with.

I have a few ideas, but I am wondering if any of you might have some ideas or traditions that you might be willing to pass along?

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