Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December

I can't believe it! Is it really December 1st already? How in the world did that happen?

I had all these great intentions of posting last week and wouldn't you know it, I got sick. Sick enough to spend 3 whole days in bed. And well, when you're sick in bed, it's really hard to put a sensible thought together, let alone a whole post that makes any sense at all. Thank God that I have such a sweet husband that he did all of my housework to get ready for a houseful on Thanksgiving. :) 

I hope you all had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I did, surrounded by family and friends, remembering all of the blessings we've received this year. 

And now I am officially in Christmas mode. While some people start putting up lights, trees and other Christmas decor before Thanksgiving, I have a very strict personal policy that I don't do anything of the sort until the day after Thanksgiving. Very early the day after. Like 4:30 a.m. early. I never used to get the whole 'get up while it's still dark to go shopping the day after you just finished hosting 25 people for dinner' thing. Last year I got talked into going and after being caught up in the claustrophobic, wall-to-wall whirlpool of people that were in Toys R Us, I was back home, in my bed sleeping before 7:00 a.m.. And I said I would never do that again. Nope. It wasn't worth it. 

So...there I was at 4:45 last Friday morning, waiting patiently for the doors of Wal Mart to open, wondering how in the world I got talked into this craziness again. If you have never experienced this you can't even believe how many people are out that time of morning. The line was so long, that it took us 25 minutes just to get to the front doors once they started letting people in. Once we had everything on our lists, we found a checkout line in the back of the store in the sporting goods section and stood in line for another 30 minutes. But we didn't mind because the amount of money we saved definitely made it worth it. I think being more organized with our lists probably had something to do with it being more enjoyable. :)

So now I am in full-on Christmas mode. The house is lit, the tree is decorated and the Nativity is set out. 

In the coming days and weeks as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, I'll be sharing some ideas and traditions from when our children were little that helped us to keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I am looking forward to you sharing yours as well. Until then....

Happy December!!

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