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Fruitful Friday - Kids' Lunch Menus

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Kids' Lunches

Below is a quick reference chart I keep handy. The top section is all the main dishes. The shaded area is a list of sides or snacks. I try to keep my fridge and pantry stocked with all these items, so that I can have lunches ready in a snap.

Sandwiches or Pitas:

- Lunchmeat

- Cheese

- Peanut Butter

- Tuna

- Avocado

- Egg

- Cucumber & Cheese

Hot Thermos Containers:

- Oatmeal

- Chicken Nuggets

- Hot Dog Slices

Tortilla Wraps:

- Cheese

- Lunchmeat

- PB & J

- Pickles & Cream Cheese


- Lunchmeat

- Cheese

- Crackers

- Black Olives


- HardBoilded

- On English Muffins w/ Meat &/or Cheese


- Cream Cheese

- PB & J

- Lunchmeat


- Noodles

- Steamed Rice w/ Hoisin Sauce

or Soy Sauce

- Taquitos

Kids’ Lunch has ONE main dish choice,

ONE juice, water or milk, napkin, spoon & TWO of the following:


fruit slices

cheese stick or slices

chips or crackers

graham crackers

toss salad


bag of granola

fruit snack/leather


celery & peanut butter

carrots & dressing

(sugar treat on Fridays)

These meals are great for lunchboxes with school age children. And for preschoolers, my favorite thing to do is to get 4 or 5 items and put them in small bowls and set them out on the table. They love to "mix and match munch".

Here's a link with a ton of recipes for Quick and Easy Kids' Lunch Recipes at

Will you take a second to make a comment and share some of your favorite lunch ideas for kids?

I'll compile them in a few weeks and create a link to a printable version of our list. Thanks for your input!

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