Friday, March 6, 2009

Fruitful Friday - Penzeys Spices

In keeping my posts real...I am trying to share what's on my plate this week, rather than stressing out to contrive something out of nothing for you. So this week's food highlight came in the mail for me:
Penzeys Spice - Spring 2009 Catalog
Please know I am not being paid for this unsolicited endorsement, but they are just too good to keep a lid on. I get such a kick looking through this spice catalog, truly a joy for me when it arrives. It comes with tons of great recipes and information on various herbs and spices.

I learn so much about cooking and possible flavor combinations just by looking at the catalog!

And if you get a chance to visit their store (11322 SE 82nd Avenue) ... call it a "Mommy Field Trip"!!! They have more varieties of pepper, cinnamon and salt, than you knew existed. They have individual containers of practically every herb and spice imaginable. And that's only half the store. The other half is devoted to various blends and mixes. You'll walk away enriched (a little less wealthy) but with some goodies none the less.

Because I am charged with providing recipes for the blog...I will pass along one of my favorites from the catalog. Click here for an amazing looking Apple Pancake Recipe.

...I'll give away a CBC Cafe Gift Card for the first lady to try it an give us a review.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Kristi said...

How fun! I want to check out the store sometime! Sounds like I could get lost in there for hours. :):) Thanks for posting!

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing, Karen. What a great catalog. I just learned about how long spices can be stored by looking through it.
My mouth was watering reading the Apple Pancake Recipe. I will definitely be trying that sometime. And I also can't wait to check out the store. How fun!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I looked at the picture of the apple pancakes & had to try them. They were really easy to make, and I'm not a very natural cook/baker! :) They were VERY yummy & great with maple syrup. I don't need a gift card :) But, wanted to let you know I loved the recipe & we'll be having those again... probably very soon! :)Thank you guys for doing this blog... I love reading, although I usually don't comment!
Lora Lowder

GatewayKaren said...

Hooray Lora!!!!!

Thanks so much for the AWESOME review! I am so glad you tried it and enjoyed it.

It's also thrilling to have your comments. That's what makes doing this blog so much fun!